Edge TPU compiler

The Edge TPU Compiler is a command line tool that compiles a TensorFlow Lite model into a file that's compatible with the Edge TPU. It's compatible with any Debian-based Linux system, including Mendel (on the Coral Dev Board).

Pre-compiled models

For demonstration and experimentation purposes, you can download and run one of several pre-compiled models that are compatible with the Edge TPU.

Mendel Linux OS

This is the Mendel system image for the Coral Dev Board.

ReleasePackageSizeSHA-256 checksum
3.0 Chef (Apr 2019) 454 MB df733fd22de156f324a1b5fc3d03251a732ddbbf0e34bd54286d42a2e79246e5
2.0 Beaker (Mar 2019) 1.3 GB 85a1db9a6d251a38f34fabf808b4ad3c35d7ab413318bee1d70de48bde776486

This package also includes the recovery.img file you can use on an SD card to recover a board that fails to boot from eMMC. For flashing instructions, see Update or flash the Dev Board.

Edge TPU runtime and Python API library

This is the package required on the host computer that's attached to the Coral USB Accelerator.

ReleasePackageSizeSHA-256 checksum
2.11.1 (July 2019) edgetpu_api_2.11.1.tar.gz
5.1 MB 6067fcc921423c3dc23e1bc12186e42ff954eada50b44826b2167700b50dc69e
1.9.2 (Apr 2019) edgetpu_api_1.9.2.tar.gz
8.3 MB 82324ac028fda707926b756cc97430c8d7f5ffa39940ba74d373de7d9dc90c86
Beta (Mar 2019) edgetpu_api.tar.gz
31.8 MB 52e29f89481e935a9ce2beb0bdafc0495a60f74ef89aa220ddd1142e27adb23e

For setup instructions, see Get Started with the USB Accelerator.

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