Project tutorials and code examples to build intelligent devices with Coral

Project tutorials

Teachable Machine

A machine that can quickly learn to recognize new objects by re-training a vision classification model directly on your device.


An implementation of AlphaGo Zero called Minigo, which uses machine learning to play the strategy board game "go" at expert levels.

Code examples

Image classification

An example that performs image classification using the Edge TPU Python API.

Object detection

An example that performs object detection and draws a square around each detected object, using the Edge TPU Python API.

Pose detection

Examples showing how to use the PoseNet model to detect human poses from images and video, such as where someone’s elbow, shoulder or foot appear in the image.

Image recognition with a camera

Various examples using real-time image data from a camera, each using a different camera library, such as PiCamera, GStreamer, OpenCV, and PyGame.