Helping you bring local AI to applications from prototype to production

For prototyping

Our prototyping products make it easy to take your idea from sketch into proof-of-concept.

For production

Our production products integrate seamlessly into processes at any scale, helping create tailored solutions for your industry.

For sensing

Our sensing products help deliver the real-world data you need to your machine learning system.

Prototyping products

Production products

System-on-Module (SoM)

A fully-integrated system for accelerated ML applications in a 40mm x 48mm pluggable module.



5-megapixel camera module that's compatible with the Coral Dev Board.

  • Omnivision Sensor
  • Autofocus
  • Auto exposure control
  • 25 mm x 25 mm
  • Datasheet

Environmental Sensor Board

An accessory board that provides temperature, light and humidity sensors for IoT applications.

About our technology

Coral provides a complete platform for accelerating neural networks on embedded devices. At the heart of our accelerators is the Edge TPU coprocessor. It's a small-yet-mighty, low-power ASIC that provides high performance neutral net inferencing.

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