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Coral updates for July

New on-device transfer learning APIs, post-training quant support, and new TF Lite delegate

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Benchmarking Edge Computing

Alasdair Allan benchmarks the perfomance and power consumption of several accelerators for ML at the edge.

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Coral platform updates for May

An offline compiler, new project tutorials, and MDT updates are available now.

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The Coral Dev Board Takes Google’s AI to the Edge

IEEE Spectrum

"There’s a steady drumbeat about how deep learning is going to touch nearly every area of technology, not least from us here at IEEE Spectrum. So, like a lot of folks, I’ve been interested in getting my hands dirty and learning some of the tools and techniques."

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Updates from Coral

A better compiler, updated OS, C++ API, and board management tool are available now.

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Google unveils new tools to bolster AI hardware development

Both dev board and accelerator are powered by Google’s Edge TPU chips, which are ASIC processors no bigger than your fingernail

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